Being Brave with My Vision: How I Learned to Take the Prize in Any Hackathon

Starting Out: Not Pitch Perfect

Denise Duffy at BlackRock San Francisco office, February 2017.

Hackathons: The real way to connect with employers.

Denise and teammates during the BlackRock Hackathon at the 4th Annual Lesbians Who Tech San Francisco Summit.

The idea — Scalable Diversity Training.

How to Win a Hackathon.

Winning a Hackathon — Make the most of the potential next steps.

Denise Duffy (In Deb Bootcamp “Make Beautiful and Meaningful Things” T-shirt) with BlackRock internal hackathon team.
BlackRock Pride Photo during Lesbians Who Tech Summit Hackathon in San Francisco.

Hackathons upon Bootcamps! Enjoy the Journey.

  1. We changed some minds about how diversity and inclusion can be a business case. (BlackRock’s clients demand that BlackRock be a leader in this field.)
  2. Our team won the Bounty award from the Women’s Initiative Network at BlackRock – AND we were featured in a two-and-a-half minute video for the company’s global leadership conference.
  3. Also, our journey allowed us collaborate in way fun ways. We marched down 3rd Street to the offices of Unity so their experts could teach us the nuances in their software. We also got in touch with (and brainstormed with) folks at Microsoft.
  4. On top of all of this, I got to go to BlackRock’s OUT Network meeting where I saw how they were rallying and including their own LGBTQ employees.
Image from BlackRock immersive training prototype using Microsoft HoloLens.
Behind-the-scenes snapshot from production of BlackRock global leadership conference video.
Video: The Lesbians Who Tech Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship Fund



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